Gilgil Spinners & Weavers

Contact: Simon Murai
Cell Phone : +254 727 978 528 | +254 733 842 950
Address: Opposite Laikipia university along Nairobi-Nakuru highway, Nakuru, Kenya
Despite the myriad of challenges facing local textile companies, a small number of them have continued to thrive against all odds and Gilgil Weavers, founded 23 years ago is one of them.
“We formed the company out of a deep belief and passion for handmade products as well as the desire to elevate the living standards of our community members. By offering an alternative source of income for our producers who mainly depended on an unreliable crop, we ensured their well being”, says Simon, director at Gilgil Weavers.

But what has made this company thrive where others have withered and died? “Our point of departure is the customer. We define our value proposition from the customer’s point of view, not from ours. In this sense, we are always creating according to market needs, not according to what makes us happy.”

The company currently employs nine people directly, and provides indirect income to roughly 23 suppliers of raw material. “Our supply sources are very important to us because this is where the differentiation between excellent and average begins.”