Ziwani Weavers

Contact: Joseph Matu
Cell Phone : +254 726 027 091
Email: ziwaniweavers@yahoo.com
Website: ziwanihandweavers.co.ke
Address: Nyahururu, Kenya
Ziwani Weavers is a family-owned business specializing in the spinning and weaving of hand woven blankets, carpets and shawls.

Joseph, who currently manages the company, says he was inspired by his father to get into the business “he would come home with virgin wool and after a few days of intense work, proudly display beautiful, cozy blankets,” reminisces Joseph.

Using wool as the main medium, he describes the process as one that appears to be simple, but is in fact, painstaking. “Removing the wax, perspiration, dirt and insects from fleece is a delicate process, one that requires a certain level of skill because it is very easy to damage the fiber during this process.”

It is clear that Ziwani have mastered this skill, if the constant demand for their products is anything to go by; a fact that Joseph sums up succinctly. “We work hard, no doubt about that. But it is a highly rewarding experience every time we meet a happy customer.”