Concept & Details Factory Ltd

Contact: Michele Commissot
Cell Phone : +254 700 260 420 | 020 523 3980
Address: The Gateway, Gatundu Crescent, Kileleshwa, Nairobi, Kenya
Concept & Details Factory Ltd
The brainchild of interior architect Michele Comissot, Concepts & Details Factory boasts an impressive work portfolio – one that includes everything from renovations to interior design in luxury hotels. “With our starting point as the existing architecture, we aim to create thoughtful interiors that meet the client’s aesthetic, functional and economic goals and desires,” says Michele. She adds that her success is largely due to the flexibility she brings to projects. “We are responsive to our clients, happy to assist them in achieving their strong vision or guiding them in formulating one.”

More recently, the company has taken to furniture design, developing three ranges that are a culmination of Michele’s vast work and travel experience: ‘Contrast’ embodies the essence of Kenyan culture enrolled in a contemporary present, ‘Filigree’ is described as African designs brought to a contemporary vision using wrought iron and tropical wood while ‘Organic’ is an ecological design vision of fluid shapes in recycled aluminium.