High Street Kenya

Contact: Sarah Vigne
Cell Phone : +254 712 648 345
Email: hello@highstreetkenya.com
Website: www.highstreetkenya.com
Address: Nanyuki, Kenya

Welcome to High Street Kenya, a young company with a big heart. The founder Sarah Vigne, says of its objective “we wanted to create a platform that would allow Kenya’s skilled artisans the opportunity to sell their wares through the internet under a unified brand, hence High Street Kenya. We aim to provide access to markets in a manner that is efficient and appropriate for small producers, in a way that is equally convenient for consumers.”

After months of research, High Street Kenya can now reveal several handpicked artisans working in a variety of mediums, including recycled aluminum, copper and bronze used to produce animal sculptures and bathroom tiles embossed with beautiful images of various sea creatures.

Other products included in the inventory are tabletop ceramics that originate from a small pottery business based out of the Masai Mara and wire craft art.