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Contact: Maliza Kiasuwa

Cell Phone: +254 700 315 546


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Maliza describes her work as a balance between the best of two worlds. “I never quite know if I am an artist or designer, and my heart still balances between the two. I solve this by having two lines of production: one “haute couture”, which is purely artistic and made of unique pieces, and one closer to street fashion, consisting of ready to use objects.

She says that participation in the Afrika Handmade Gallery is a “test case” as it is the first time that she will expose both her graphic and decorative arts side by side. “I am anxious to see what the reaction of the public will be… what is it that will make the audiences’ hearts beat and want to adopt one of my objects or hang a picture of mine on their wall? I also would like to show that there is more to African arts and crafts than zebras and Maasais resting on one leg…even though I loves them both” she adds.