Kenya Bamboo Centre

Contact: Pollycurp Mboya

Home Phone: +254 715 119 137

Website: Kenya Bamboo


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Popular in Asia, Bamboo, otherwise known as green gold, is as versatile a raw material as they come. However, its merits have not spread to this part of the world. “Not much is known about Bamboo as an option for furniture and this has been our greatest challenge,” says Polycurp the coordinator of Kenya Bamboo Centre.

“With the current environmental challenges, we do not need to be cutting trees. Bamboo offers an excellent alternative,” he adds.

The Centre has developed an impressive array of products- from wine racks to cosy low- slung Japanese beds. Yet Polycurp says they are just getting started. “What we can do with Bamboo is mind boggling and we are excited about the products we can develop for the Kenyan market.”