13 Marketing Ideas Before Your Next Craft Event

The last quarter of the year is a busy one for craftpreneurs. Christmas fairs are aplenty- big and small, churches and charity organizations alike… the pick is yours.
One of the things i have always encouraged is individual responsibility for creating buzz around an event.
Too often, we leave the work of hyping up an event [that we are participating in!] to the organizers.
But what if you were the only exhibitor? Wouldn’t you let everyone on your different mailing lists, Face book and Twitter accounts know that you will be there? So imagine a situation where ALL the exhibitors did just that. What kind of numbers would we see walking through to the event?
As much as the organizers put up street banners and send out invitations, i am of the opinion that we would [individually and collectively] enjoy more success if we owned the event, and therefore did more to promote it.
In this article, the author discusses 13 great [and low budget] ideas that take you from passive bystander to active participant at your next event.
Here is a challenge for you- try at least half of them before your next craft fair.
It will make a difference.

 “13 last minute actions to promote an exhibition, event, craft fair, trade show, open studio…”

You have spend all your time preparing for a major event.  You made all your work. Spend ages on the presentation, finding the right plinths, the right lighting.  Been focused entirely on the making and creation of your work.
 And now, a week or on the day (!) of the show, you realize you need to do some quick fix promotion.
Some quick marketing techniques to get those punters in, to get visitors to attend your show, to get people to buy.
You might even be at a show and realize that it is a bit quiet on the visitors front …
This is a quick fix list of promotional activities that you can do – right now!  No costs or very low budget, and crucially very limited time involvement required from you!

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