Has Your Craft Product Hit A Saturation Point?

I came across this article from about.com by Maire Loughran on the concept of saturation points- that is when there is too many people churning out the same product, or in other words, when supply far outweighs demand. She goes on to give tips on how to manoeuvre such a situation to your advantage…

Working Around Saturation Point by Maire Loughran

It happens to us all, one day you’re sitting there running the UPS driver ragged shipping your orders, the next, the phone has stopped ringing and while you have good traffic on your website, nothing is moving. What’s up? Could be any number of issues: seasonal, economic or shift in spending patterns. The constant research a business owner must do will give you a heads up when these conditions are coming into play.

However, a major cause for a decrease in sales is that your art or craft has hit a saturation point. By that, I mean that too many crafters are making the same type product or you’ve totally covered the market with your product. Here are some determiners of saturation and what the savvy craft business owner can do to work around the problem…..

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