A little background about Afrika Handmade…

We created this initiative in 2014 as a market development initiative. The idea behind it was to develop and strengthen domestic appetite for locally made artisan and design products.

A year later, we decided to focus on exhibiting only home decor and home textiles and further, to widen the geographical scope of product sourcing.

Both decisions soon proved to be wise calls as the 2016 edition of Afrika Handmade turned out to be a hugely successful event for all stakeholders. We began receiving numerous calls to set up a more permanent location where these products would be readily available. To this end, we are proud to introduce AfrikaHandmade.com, an eCommerce platform where you can browse and purchase a carefully curated selection of home interiors at your convenience.

We will however, continue staging physical exhibitions; with more variety, more frequency and more convenient locations.

If you would like to read more about our past installations, click on the tabs below. Or browse through the 2016 exhibition catalog further below.