Afrika Handmade is back for the 2nd edition this October!

Following a hugely successful event last year, we are upping the ante and hosting an even more interactive, more socially engaging and more informative forum!

A market development initiative of Craft Afrika, Afrika Handmade is a platform that congregates stakeholders within the artisan and handmade design sector for the main purpose of networking, sharing of ideas and resources and community mobilization around a common purpose.

The initiative was developed as a response to the deeply entrenched social and economic perceptions on the handmade sector. With broad brush strokes, the sector is depicted as [1] cheap [2] lacking intrinsic value [3] created for the tourist market and [4] belonging to a dusty patch of earth at the ubiquitous maasai market.

While this depiction may have some truth in it, the more exciting canvas is the one that portrays the contemporary genre of handmade. A genre that is by far trendier, more sophisticated and more detailed in every aspect of its shape, line and form.

This is the genre that Afrika Handmade symposium and gallery represents and that it aims to create an awareness of and appreciation for.

About the symposium

The 2 day symposium is slated for October 1-2 at the Alliance Francaise, Nairobi. The forum will provide an opportunity for debate and discussion on the current state of the sector. The program will feature presentations, workshops, round table discussions as well as open spaces where individual designers and artisans get an opportunity to speak about their work, their challenges and successes and their collaborative needs.

You can now browse through the draft symposium program here and register online.

About the Gallery

Afrika Handmade will this year feature a two week gallery showcase that will seek to further reinforce the existence of a contemporary, sophisticated genre of artisan and design.

Throughout the 2 week showcase, there will be gallery tours and chats with the exhibiting designers, thereby allowing conversations on the displayed work and theme.

For more information about the gallery click here.

Event sponsors 


Design Network Africa


Bamburi Cement

Alliance Francaise




Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass

GoDown Arts Centre