Uganda Crafts

Contact: Lillian Semigga
Cell Phone : +256 414 250 077
Address: Kampala, Uganda
A fair-trade registered company, Uganda Crafts combines traditional weaving techniques with modern colour and design trends to create stunning baskets that are sought after by buyers all over the world.

“Our brand is recognized far and wide because of the skill and integrity with which we approach our work. Every day we meet highly discerning clients who don’t compromise on quality. They keep us on our toes”, chuckles Lillian, the general manager.

Through an outsourced production model, Uganda Crafts guarantees a decent income to the hundreds of women who weave their baskets; women who would otherwise be destitute due to disease, lack of education or disability. “As a Fair trade company, we are governed by the 10 principles that call on us to enrich, empower and transform disadvantaged producers’ lives, thus moving them from a state of dependency to one of self-reliance.”