Two by Four

Contact: Jeremy Moses | Kwekwe Kivutha
Cell Phone : +254 706 240 207 | +254 723 706 026
Address: B1 Lantana Thompson, Masanduku lane, Nairobi


Two by Four is a dynamic interior architecture and design studio, offering residential and commercial consultancy. Kwekwe, one-half of the founding duo says that the company’s design aesthetic has been fascinated and inspired by the vibrant urban-maker culture of Nairobi. “Through observing Jua Kali hustlers, we have been schooled in the art of improvisation and have come to appreciate that less is indeed more.”

The Studio’s repertoire of products include textiles, furniture, cabinetry and more recently the Moja Living Pod, a versatile, robust prefabricated structure that is as comfortable in the city as it is off the beaten path.

Two by Four prides itself on the fact that beyond all their objects and spaces being locally manufactured, they also embody a modernist African aesthetic that at once hints at homegrown origin while boldly reflecting a global appeal. “We are inspired by both local and international materials, forms and philosophies and our aim is to always create beautiful, meaningful objects and spaces that significantly improve the user’s physical and psychological well-being.”