Decor Interiors Limited

Contact: Kamni Mehta
Cell Phone : +254 722 703 090
Address: 1st floor, Tsavo block, Eldama Park, junction of Eldama Ravine/Peponi roads, Nairobi
Decor Interiors specializes in the design and fabrication of eco-conscious furniture and lighting made exclusively from sisal.

Founded six years ago, the company is regarded as one of the most innovative in home interiors, in part due to the choice of source material.

In 2010, the product design and development team at Decor Interiors began a mission to discover ways of transforming interiors while being eco-conscious. Theirs was a true pioneering spirit, and the result was not only the discovery of the hidden creative potential of the Sisal plant, Agave Sisaliana, it was also the culmination of the great skills of the Kenyan people.

“Sisal’s almost hostile profile as a plant does not set off images of comfort and enduring elegance. However, we chose to adopt it as a medium for beautiful designs with a contemporary earth styling says Kamni, CEO and founder of Decor Interiors.