Esprit Ethnique

Contact: Viviane Clero | Saida O’Neill
Cell Phone : +254 734 258 879 | +254 717 750 620
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Address: Nandi road, Karen, Kenya

Adventure. The one word evoked by Esprit Ethnique. The company description reads thus, “we nomads, travel is our destination. On the way, we collect and leave pieces of our soul. A song, a scent, the colour of a scarf…these things bring us back to the places and people we have met, moments we have shared. For us, life is a safari with unexpected turns. You will find the spirit of our nomadic style of life in our creations.”

Co-director Saida O Neill says that although the company is better known for the extensive range of lighting solutions, they have an equally well-developed repertoire of objet d’art. “Affordability is important for us. We do not create with a social class in mind, as we do not believe that social class determines taste, rather taste is innate. Any Kenyan who loves beautiful things should be able to own an Esprit Ethnique piece.”