Afrodutch Paperstone

Afrodutch Paperstone

Contact: Ruth Jepchirchir

Home Phone: +254 726 247 940


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Afrodutch Paperstone is a social enterprise run in partnership between Henriette Oldhoff & Ruth Jepchirchir. The company’s mission is to create beauty out of waste, in the process offering work and sustainable wage to their employees, all of whom are women.

“By making these products, it not only gives our women an income it also encourages self- development and makes them proud of their work.”

Through a labour-intensive process that utilizes hand-moulding techniques and natural drying methods, the women produce eco-friendly home decor items including vases, bowls and lampshades.  “We want to make people aware that with loving hands, patience and an eye for nature, beauty can be created out of waste.”