Afrika Handmade 2014 – Discussions, Images and Video


Without a doubt, Afrika Handmade symposium was our highlight of 2014. The event not only brought a long held idea to life, it also provided a forum where for the first time, multiple stakeholders in the sector, gathered to share and exchange ideas and resources.


As you will see from the rapporteur’s report, the discussions focused on several key issues –  innovation, business models, markets and intellectual property. The overall and most persistent discussion however, was one on collective bargaining. The call for an association that allows craft entrepreneurs to negotiate for trading, production and marketing opportunities was underscored by individual and corporate alike.


During the symposium, we as Craft Afrika made a commitment to facilitate the formation of such a platform, and we are happy to announce that we are in the preliminary stages of getting an association of contemporary craft designers registered!

Additionally, we committed to sharing the discussions from the symposium. In that regard, you may now read the Afrika-Handmade 14 Symposium Report, browse images from The inaugural Afrika Handmade Symposium event and watch the Afrika Handmade symposium 2014 promo video.

We do it all over again- bigger and better- on 1st and 2nd October 2015.