Craft Afrika joins the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise

alliance for artisan sector

Earlier on this year, Craft Afrika became a member of the prestigious Alliance for Artisan Enterprise.

The organization, based in Washington DC and hosted by the Aspen Institute, brings together from around the world, key individuals, institutions, corporations and non-profit organizations to work together to support, elevate and expand the artisan sector.

The untapped potential of the sector makes a powerful case for the establishment of the Alliance. According to research, artisan activity is the second largest employer after Agriculture. Millions of people in the developing world find gainful employment within the artisan sector, yet it continues to receive scant attention viz a viz mainstream economy. In this regard, the objectives of the Alliance are:

To elevate the importance of the artisan sector

To support and grow artisan businesses

To share best practices in a collaborative learning community

We are extremely honored to join ranks with SERRV, Nest, West Elm, Walmart and many other powerful and influential partners in this partnership. We hereby renew our commitment to creating growth opportunities for the artisan community in Kenya and beyond.