How I Create Success Everyday

Success is extremely powerful motivation for getting up every morning- and despite the fact that there are a myriad ways to achieve it, certain principles hold constant. One of them is that success comes as a result of the decisions we make on an everyday basis, therefore making it a process rather than an end product.
So how do some of the most successful creative entrepreneurs of our generation create success on a daily basis?

anne mpingaMeet Anne Mpinga [left], owner of fashion brand Kipusa. I have always been fascinated by Anne- her easy smile, funky hairdo but most of all how she has catapulted Kipusa into an internationally recognized brand in less than 3 years.
I caught up with Anne during her European tour a few weeks back and asked her the *ONE* thing she does on an everyday basis that contributes to her success.

“I pray… a whole lot.
I have this quote that i love “let each morn be better than its eve” which comes from my faith. I am a Baha’i by religion and one of the things we are taught is to bring ourselves into account each day when communing with God. Our merit as human beings lies in virtue and service to others.
Early 2013 saw me put together a check list of things that I wanted to achieve in my business. I wrote down plans, including my desire to travel to Europe for brand exposure on a different scale.
I went through all sorts of plans on how to make it happen but despite all my strategies and prayers, nothing was happening; all my plans were fruitless. I felt that maybe i needed to give these plans a rest, be a little patient. 

A day after i made this decision, i received an email from Legendary Gold, an international events company. It was a call for African designers to showcase at the World Fashion Week, Paris. I remember thinking, i have nothing to lose- the worst they can do is ignore my email in which case i will just move on. 
Within a week of responding to that email, i received word that i had been selected to represent Kenya! 
I had a wonderful time in Paris, it was a bold step on my part and i enjoyed every bit of my experience. 
For me, work is worship so whatever frustrations i get in my business, i put God first. It opens the doors to so many things and has allowed me to spend time with business mentors who continue to inspire, guide and support me- the ultimate blessing for which I am forever thankful:)”